Tech References Drawings and Exploded Parts views.
(Scanned and/or provided from various sources)

Frame Rivet Tools

flatfender_frame.jpg (234596 bytes)
CJ2A, CJ3A, DJ3A, and CJ3B Frame Dimensions.
(Try Landscape if you print this.)
mb_gpw_frame.jpg (215396 bytes) 
MB/GPW Frame and Alignment measurements.
MC_single_exp.jpg (144631 bytes)
Single Master cylinder exploded View
MC_dual_exp.jpg (257134 bytes)
Dual Master Cylinder exploded view
frame_sketch.gif (8819 bytes)
CJ3 front frame horn sketch with dimensions.
(Thanks to Steve Mohney for this great sketch.)

Links to sites with excellent drawings and iilustrations.

Jeep Draw  
 These Guys have done a lot of work, so you can build those hard to find parts.
They also have drawings with bolt pattern layouts for the MB/GPW.

Drawings - parts From The WW2 Jeep Site "down-under"

Army Radio Sales in the UK
Check the link on their homepage for the MB/GPW parts list. It's got real good illustrations.