Specialty Items for Jeeps and other MV's.

I'm putting together a collection of unusual, helpful, and/or "hard to find" items.
There's no specific order to these items. I add them in as I find them.
I don't get commissions, gratuity's, etc., etc. This page is here just to try and help ya'll out a bit.

If you've found something interesting to the Flatfender jeep or MV restorer, let me know.
I'll try to add it in. 

Custom License Plates

Year of manufacture plates -- If your state allows your vehicle to have a license plate from the same year your vehicle was manufactured, you might be able to get one here.  Check your local rules and see if you can run with one of these cool plates, then write to Tom about it.  Thanks, Tom!

Need a Hand Crank for that old L-Head?

How about a WWII Front Bumper Rope?


12V Fuel Gauge and Sending Unit.
(This is what I installed in my CJ3.)