Joe's "clean out the storeroom, for sale or trade" page.
Usually just a few leftovers, or stuff I got in a moment of jeep madness and don't need now.


1.   July 28, 2009  

Here's a great note from Dusty:

 "I'm cleaning out a garage and have some odd and end Jeep parts, like bell housing, transmission, transfer case, etc.

Is anyone interested in these? I really don't want to throw them away.


Dusty "


2.   Fall 2008

 This might be the Christmas present you've been looking for -- a Project Jeep! 

Brad Ansley in Tennessee has a 1947 CJ2A to sell whole or for parts. 
I'd take on this project if my garage wasn't already full.  ;-)  Check it out, it's good!
Here's what he has to say:

I bought a 1947 CJ2A Jeep (J-257446 105388) last year. It's in pretty bad shape body wise. It has the original flathead four (as best I can tell), and the original drive train with a PTO. The steering column is rusted through, as is the tub, the rest of the body, windshield and seats. It has the original ID plates on the dash and I think the original wheels. The drive shaft is gone.
    I'm either going to part this out, or sell it in one piece. I have too many projects and I believe this one is beyond my capability. I you want to post this info with my phone number that would be fine.
    I can send you some pics if you like.

Brad Ansley
Falls Creek Furniture Co
7360 Happy Valley Rd
Tallassee, TN 37878