The Willys Stable, which seems to change more often than I'd ever dreamed of.

CJ3A Daily Driver        42 GPW (The heartbreaker)
The CJ3A

This showed up at the point with the GPW where I was most depressed and disappointed. It was going to be for parts, but turned out to be 100% better than the GPW was.
I haven't determined the exact year of this one.

And it's a  Beach Mobile

Before (4/22/00)

Here's the "Before" Pictures

I have the before and after comparisions side by side here.
(Takes about 45 secs at 28.8)

After (9-7-00)

See the after pics here.

Continuing with "Post Operative" Addons


August 1999

Description of how it was when I got it, and what was done to get it on the road. The first time. Unfortunately, there won't be a next time, at least not for the frame.

I'm leaving this on the site just for "reference".
Into the rebuild, then UH_OH!
Major disappointment.

There are links to pictures of a 1942 slatgrill frame that was going to be a replacement on this page. 
 This one came first, then I got a CJ3A for parts, but it didn't get parted out.
In fact, since it was in overall better shape than the GPW, I started using the aftermarket parts from the GPW to get the CJ3 on the road.