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Dedicated to flatfender jeeps, both military and civilian, and their repair and restoration.

In 1999 I found an old GPW jeep to build for a beach mobile.  It had too many problems, and  I wound up with a CJ3A.  Now I'm working on it, and looking to find an M38 military jeep.  I 'm always looking for jeep parts, especially engine , drive train, and body  parts for these  jeeps.  I'm in the process of gathering technical specs, and data for the repair and restoration of the old flatfenders.  Look around, you may just find some answers you're looking for.  If you like old Chevy trucks and cars check my brother's site Chevelle's Garage.


MB/GPW 1941 - 1945 Jeep Reference and Technical Materials

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CJ2A 1945 - 1949
M38 1950 - 1952 , I want one, got an extra?

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CJ3A 1948 - 1953

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For those of you who may wonder why so many people invest so much time and money in buying and restoring Military Vehicles, and old jeeps, here's a couple of links that might help answer that question:
A tribute to MV's and Their Owners 

By Bill Benson
Tales of an Old Jeep
Story by Henry J. Cubillan

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A Tribute to GP Joe's Dad

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